The Catholic Cathedral of St John The Baptist in Norwich holds a lot of memories for me, but since moving to a different side of Norwich, I seldom have a reason to return there. So it was lovely to be asked to 2nd shoot a wedding last Summer, for Beth Mosley, a good friend and colleague. These days I have very little time to 2nd shoot –  but it’s one of those times where, once you’ve taken the required shots, you can shoot in a much more relaxed state of mind –  and later, after the couple have had their photos returned by their official photographer, it gives some scope to extend your own artistic practice by varying and trialling new forms of editing.

So with the busy months in between that occasion and today, I really haven’t had an opportunity to ‘play’ with these images that have sat on my hard drive crying out for a bit of attention –  because truly, this was the wedding of a lovely, fun couple celebrating with their closest family and friends.

The Cathedral offers huge scope for photography, and I’ve really had to restrain myself with those shots –  after all, this is a wedding post and not an architectural one!

Langley Abbey is a wonderful and unique venue – a perfect combination of the old and the new –  oh and the food, provided by Brasted’s was out of this world!

Thank you Beth, I enjoy working with you every time –  always fun!

And I’m sure with the couple now fast approaching their 1st Anniversary, that life together has proven to be as fun and as loving as you two so obviously are.

ps. For those of you wondering why Eliza Boo Photography seems to be a little quiet –  it’s because my commercial work has completely taken off. All commercial photography and film shoots are taken under the brand name Dynamic Dog, a partnership I have with photographer and film maker John Harris. In addition to that, my venture Create The Moment with Johanna Garlike is also working at top speed. But Eliza Boo still continues to work hard, and news soon of portrait shoots and weddings. x

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