2013 went out like a lion, photographically speaking, and 2014 came in like it’s bigger brother! Which is great news as everyone must be feeling a little less of the pinch that’s kept us all in check for the past few years. I love my lifestyle work: it usually involves kids, always a joy. And before Christmas I was asked to take pictures of some cousins. When I arrived at my client’s home, it was clear that photography was very important to her – photographs of her family filled her beautiful sitting room; walls and table space showcased her memories and I was touched that I was there to help contribute to record the passing years.

In between Christmas and New Year, I met up with a gorgeous young couple who had planned a very stylish and unique wedding. Again, it was obvious from the moment I met them, that the photography was, along with the huge teepee they’d booked to gather their guests in, the most important item on their wedding shopping list. They were very aware that it would be the photographs that would last – so for them everything I offered was of huge importance – the engagement shoot, so they could spend time with me where we all get to know each other – from my point of view seeing how they work together as a couple in front of a camera, and from their end, learning how to feel relaxed and comfortable, so that on the big day they could forget about the lens pointing at them. The album! So many couples these days think only the disc of photos is important. But these two, along with all my wedding clients, know that it’s the album, a printed record, which will become the heirloom piece of the future, the one thing they will sit down with grandchildren over and look back on that precious day. And of course the style. These two knew they could find cheaper. But they also knew they wouldn’t get the blurred backgrounds they love, the slightly vintage editing style, the attention each individual photograph would receive. I am really looking forward to their wedding day!

I managed to photograph my own children on Christmas Day – one of those emotional bribery tactics that worked! It’s always extremely hurried, and I have to deal with all sorts of issues I wouldn’t get with subjects I’m not the mother of…. but I’m over the moon with my results – and like my lifestyle client above, I’ll be putting them on my own walls.

A very special Happy New Year to all the girls in the Sisterhood Circle. Without them all encouraging and motivating, the blogging would fall far further behind than it already does! I am so looking forward to another year in their lives. So please click on Isabelle, to move on to the next Sister of the Circle!