And yet another fortnight has flashed past! I’ve been asked to be part of the Panel for a new exciting department store opening in Norwich. Boutique Fusions will be host to several independent businesses all operating from a gorgeous building in the Norwich Lanes part of the city where I live. So, I popped down to ‘lend a hand’ to Sue, who had taken on the challenge of the Valentine’s window display for a competition for the Norwich Lanes Association – although the store is not due to open for a few more weeks, we weren’t about to let the challenge pass through our fingers. To be honest, my role in lending a hand was merely to deliver sausage rolls and chocolate to Sue who spent hours hammering in nails.

Many of you may not know that Norwich, indeed Norfolk, don’t have a cute little Cupid to deliver love on our behalf. Instead we have our own, rather mysterious, Jack Valentine. And so if you come and visit Norwich, you’ll see the references to Jack throughout all the window displays, Boutique Fusion included. I wasn’t there for the 2nd day to see the completed window, but thought I’d share the pics of Sue hard at work. You can see from the reflections, that she was a real attraction in her own right, with crowds stopping to ask what was going on! The best suggestion was that we left her as a living display, ‘Foxy Lady’ – what do you think?

I also squeezed in a brilliant 1-1 for an Off Camera Flash session, thank you to John Harris Photography, who agreed an exchange of some hand knitted socks for his time and expertise! I still have a long way to go, but I feel for the first time that I have some control over the hitherto mysterious triggers and receivers which blink in red and green rather like a coded parcel in an episode of Prison Break.

As always, please head on over to the gorgeous Isabelle for the next in the Sisterhood Circle!