There are so many fantastic bloggers that I count myself really fortunate every time I come across one who I feel a real connection with. Susannah Conway is one of those. Author of the now famed ‘Unravelling’ blog, I came across Susannah as, unbeknown to me, I was about to approach a major crossroad in my life. Her artistry and gentle nature together with her valuable Unravelling course have helped me stand at those crossroads and select a direction. So it is with no little pleasure that I have embarked on Susannah’s annual August break! There are no rules – but to post pictures to share during August! So, to signify a break – here is a photo which is not one I’d choose to put in a professional portfolio, but which is an image which explains a little bit of excitement that’s building up in me. Because we are off glamping in the Gower in a few days – and this is a picture of my trailer kitchen. It’s incomplete – all the finishing touches need to go on board. And of course it needs a fab paint finish (yes, there’s a lovely pot of greeny blue paint waiting)! I will of course, share the completed project with you; once it’s on site with my pretty red camping kettle whistling away!

Happy holidays!! xx