I’ve had many enjoyable commercial shoots this Summer, but one that particularly stands out is the Snuggle Sac shoot! When owner, Tina Goldsmith rang up to ask for ideas for something “very lovely and definitely lifestyle” for her world renowned product, it didn’t take me too long to remember that my own children, years ago now, had once been very proud owners of this actual product! Instantly then, I was able to bring my own memories to the consultation, and was delighted that they fitted with Tina’s own ideas of how she wanted her Snuggle Sacs to be presented in the public domain.

All my clients know that I much prefer to take the lifestyle approach to a product line. And I’m very lucky in that past clients are happy to keep collaborating with me – so even if its not ‘their’ shoot, they kindly lend anything they can to ensure that the shoot results will be as close as possible to the original concept. So, on this perfect Summer day (yes, we needed that), James of Godwick Great Barn lent us the beautiful Godwick Hall and the land surrounding the Barn. Coccolino’s in Norwich supplied all the children’s nightwear and other clothes and Sarah Hammond of English Peonies kindly supplied us with armloads of beautiful flowers.

I’d asked for dogs, and was happy that Tina was able to bring two very adorable and well behaved spaniels – but on the day itself, we had an extra two very eager canine models! The lovely trio of sisters in the photos brought their own Jack Russell, and it wasn’t belong before Godwick’s own resident border terrier managed to position himself into a family shot too!

The day certainly brought back in full all my own memories of my children dragging their snuggle sacs around the house, as well as packing them up for holidays, or indeed for any overnight stay. I know that one of them is still in someone’s bedroom… even though she has long outgrown it – and I certainly know the other 3 are in one cupboard or another; like the favourite cuddly toys, I was never allowed to get rid of any of them.

Godwick Great Barn and Hall is available to hire for weddings and events and Coccolino’s can supply Snuggle Sac as well as a delicious array of children’s wear.  and English Peonies can be booked to supply flowers for weddings and other celebrations. (englishpeonies@btinternet.com).

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