For over a week we’ve watched on our TV screens the terrible tragedy of little April Jones. The grief of her family is painful to see. And so I thought about family love – and that great love carries with it the flip side of great pain. And yet we all risk the hurt that love can bring, because love is what we all strive for.

At this time of year a lot of families think about capturing their lives. As Christmas approaches, that time of year when we all focus on family love, it becomes important to so many people to have something created which will be beautiful and remind them for the rest of their lives, of their love for each other at that moment in time.

As the images from television flash past my eyes, as the much happier images from my camera focus sharply in front of me as I edit, they all tell me the same thing – that family love is priceless and timeless – that love is the meaning of our lives.

I am sure you are all together with me as I wish for peace for April’s family.

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