Along with my love of photography, knitting and crochet are right up there in my top passions. Photography can be a very solitary pursuit – hours spent over a computer, editing and ‘developing’ the final images. But knitting is something that is best done in company. Last week I made my way to London to meet up with my friend, fellow Sisterhood blogger, Andrea Ellison. We had an afternoon to spend together – and we chose to do that in Angel Islington. After a fab lunch, we were interested in finding only one shop there… Loop. Ohhh! A wool maniac’s heaven! Their online shop is a frequent place of refuge for me – I just love to look – but the actual shop – wow – if ever I manage to move back to London, I shall be settling in around the corner!! The colours, the textures, the products – even Andrea, a die hard crocheter, was moved to buy her first knitting pattern in years, needles and yarn. Later on in the day we went to stay with very old family friends of mine – god parents to my daughter Flora. And Katie, one of my friends, was knitting away – breasts!!! Her job as breastfeeding counsellor had encouraged her to return to a skill she hadn’t used for a while – and she enthusiastically shared how she adapted patterns and how her ‘breasts’ are given to new and expectant mums.

My love of photography and knitting came together when Sue of The Mercerie contracted me to do the photos of their new product range… I’ve been lucky enough to have done a total of three shoots for this talented lady, with the photographs now a major part of her website and on Not On The High Street. It’s a wonderful thing when a commercial client realises that a photography style is an integral part of their marketing strategy – and, as in this case, the client enthusiastically embraces the style to become a major part of their branding….

So for today, I’m including a whole set of photographs from the three different shoots with The Mercerie… not just product shots, but shots which sum up the simplicity and love of being surrounded by natural products. Enjoy whilst you’re knitting -and if you don’t knit, get yourself down to your nearest independent wool shop where they’ll be more than happy to guide you into this ancient and highly therapeutic and enjoyable craft!

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