I was having a lovely chat with my very lovely friend, Catherine this morning and she mentioned that the Aspire team were having a day to paint their office, reorganise it and turn it into a truly creative space. Well, I didn’t want to tell Catherine that for me and many others, her company Aspire is already a truly creative place, but I know that when she wants to restyle she’ll do it with great flair and panache – and once again, create a space I won’t want to leave.

But she did get me yearning for my own space to be creative – and what could be better than one of these absolutely gorgeous shepherds huts from The English Shepherd Hut Co. Oh to be able to start my day in the glorious beauty of one of these, complete of course with flowers from the oh so talented Libby. 

Now, the three of us have got together to plan something so exciting I hardly know how I am going to keep breathing until the day (actually days) arrive! We began by planning a joint styled photo shoot – and now that has turned into one of the most creative and innovative business networking ventures I have heard of! And that excitement is spreading. The guests have received their invitations, other well known organisations have started emailing in asking if they can have an invite! Oh I really cannot contain myself!

We have just under a month to go -and then all will be revealed!

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