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I’ve just returned from 5 days around the North West of England; the purpose was work and training, but the benefit was meeting up with photography sisters – including Claire Penn, Andrea Ellison and Catherine Connor.

After a photography assignment for Jon Cooke at the National Skills Awards in Preston, I made my way over to Claire’s for a relaxed late night before setting off on an adventure which involved a wedding, two Welsh mountains, a deep ford, a remote (very remote) venue and a beautifully decorated hall. The following day, Claire showed me around Chester – a city I’ve skirted around several times, but never actually stopped at. We had a wonderful walk along the river, a delicious cake and drink at The Blue Moon and a listen to the band in the bandstand! What was so nice was it was one of the first opportunities either of us had had for a long time to take photos for our own enjoyment and pleasure!

My beautiful Nautical bag by the so talented Sue of The Mercerie! It’s now up for sale at Not on The High Street!

I took my beautiful bag from The Mercerie and it looked so at home in Chester!!

From Claire’s I set off for Andrea where I met gorgeous Tracey Todhunter for the first time! Known her for while through FB and Twitter – but over hot chocolate piled high with double cream and marshmallows, it was lovely to sit down and chat in person!

After a night in the hot tub and watching the first in the eagerly awaited new season of Downton Abbey, I set off in the morning for Aspire and to see lovely Catherine who I haven’t seen since the beginning of the Summer. After an amazing two days, last night I finally made my way home. It’s all brought back to me that there is nothing more important than friends – and how wonderful to have such amazing ones as I travel around for work!

Enjoy all today’s photos – they’re all of Chester and remind me to make sure I take out time to continue enjoying photography for it’s own sake!

A big thank you to one of the Sisterhood Stories circle, dear Siegrid Cain who is not only an amazing photographer, but who also created the rather divine black and white presets I’ve used in today’s pics!!

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