So I went off with my friend to give her some moral support (actually, I went to eat cake), delivering a chat and activity at a vibrant local branch of the WI – and to my surprise, found myself joining! The companionship and friendship of women has always been very important to me – and it comes as no surprise to know that the things I enjoy doing in my spare time – knitting, crochet – come from long traditions of women getting together. The consumate multi-tasker in her element – chatting, supporting, crafting, making, creating – oh and eating cake too. A few days later I wound up at a rearranged knitting class – rearranged because we’d lost a slot due to bad weather at the start of the course. The only time a slot could be organised was when a few of the class members had young children around – but again, no problem – bring the children – something can be arranged to give them a creative opportunity as well.

With Easter I really feel that Spring is arriving. And nowhere are the signs of new life more apparent than in the groups I belong to. After a long winter, life is stirring and change is here. 

This month the Sisterhood Stories circle grows a little as new members are welcomed in. We may all be sitting individually writing our blogs -but we are all creating together a very wonderful circle which excludes no one.And talking of writing – another friend from another group has inspired me to take up my fiction pen once again! writing non fiction is part of my daily life – but ah – the joy of creating a whole new world – I’ve missed that!

Sharing and creating, inspiring and energising, using our hands and our emotions, are the lifeblood and sign of genuine friendship among women everywhere – and long may they continue. To the women I’m privileged to share time with, thank you for you friendship and inspiration!

Isabelle is next in our circle, please click here to continue your journey!