It feels as though our long winter is finally on it’s way out. It’s still chilly – but the sun breaks through and for the first time in months we felt like walking the dogs on the beach. I took my own camera (as opposed to one I use to earn my living), and Flora and I walked for miles to a pre arranged spot where we met friends. From there we all walked on to Cromer and enjoyed chips and freshly made donuts – all the calories and carbs and sugar well deserved. And then we returned, by walking back along the beach front for miles and miles. On our outward journey, the tide was in and it was hard going walking along rocky outcrops. Today one of my dogs is still suffering from sore feet, and I’m going to have to look at getting him something special to make them feel a little better. But the return journey was easier. The tide had gone out and we had the acres of sand which the Norfolk coast is so famous for to walk along. Loved it. A long walk, simple food, small camera. Simplicity is sometimes sooooo good.

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