It’s a packed week this year – another one in what has been a busy first couple of months of the year! Yesterday I went Go Karting with two lady wedding photographers from where I live – it was amazing fun. I really recommend to those of you who are self employed, get together with others in your industry and do things together! It’s so important to still have that sense of support and team which those working in contracted employment get! Well, we loved it so much that we’re definitely going back – but with even more ladies!! The day ended, of course, with pancakes…. absolutely my most favourite naughty treat. I love mine with sugar and lemon – and I’m reliably informed (although haven’t yet tried it), that the best pancake batter recipe is in this beautiful book, Apples for Jam. I do actually own a lot of Tessa Kiros’ books – but I’m afraid I open them and then melt for the photographs…… and I’m too weak after looking at all that beauty to attempt any cooking at all.

I’m off to London tomorrow, to spend Valentines at an amazing 5* hotel with spa and pool and a view of one of London’s most iconic buildings…. sigh…. Although I feel my age with all four children now young adults, it is wonderful to be able to take off, knowing house and dogs are going to be well looked after.  Anyway, more of that in another post! For today I’m going to leave you with the photos of the utterly gorgeous Malaya, who braved the snow to pose for the promotional shots to accompany her new single, Lady Sings The Blues. I’d love you to leave a comment to let me know what you think!

And, as it’s a Sisterhood day, please visit Isabelle next!