A really Happy New Year to all my readers!! After a really relaxing and lovely Christmas holiday, I found myself rested and raring to meet 2013 full on!! They say that resolutions will work far better if a) you write them down, and how you will achieve -and b) you don’t make them on 1st January! So here goes!!

1). Exercise. I’ll do this by cycling at least 5 days a week and swimming 3 days a week.
2) Travel. Buy tickets, plan destinations and mark them in the calendar. Already booked a week in Istanbul, about to book a week on the Isle of Wight!
3) Have a series of photobooks printed and ready for sale by end of year! _ Already in the making!!
4) Lose weight (!) – Started the 5/2 diet…. joined the FB group
5) Watch lots of films – Started this with the excellent Life of Pi! (3D a must)!
6) Get a Land Rover Defender back again!! (by getting the money together for it)!
7) Write my novel. (By being disciplined).

That’s enough for now!! What resolutions have you made? I’d love to hear them and how you’re going to achieve!!

I haven’t shown you my pictures from Barcelona yet – here are some – I hope you love them!!

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