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Salle Church and Reepham Farm Wedding!

I’m going to start the catching up with a very genuine Farm Wedding. It’s been a very long time since I last blogged; a few crazy Summer months put all good intentions out of the window. However, that does mean that the next few months will be filled with posts and more pictures, as this season I’ve been crowded with beautiful weddings and stunning couples! And this Farm Wedding is firmly amongst some of my favourite weddings.

I’m starting my catch up with the very warm and loving wedding of Kathryn and Jeremy. Any Eurosports TV fan may recognise Jeremy from the pictures. And avid tv drama series fans my also recognise a couple of faces. Dedicated readers of the broadsheets though, will have to take my word for it that renowned newspaper journalists were also guests. BUT –  hang on, this wasn’t a media wedding! A short while ago, Jeremy hung up his globe trotting TV presenter boots, and became a Norfolk farmer! (ps, there’s a blog post about their pre wedding shoot here).

Meanwhile, just around the corner from his beautiful Eve’s Hill Farm, stunning Kathryn happened to be sighing to her friend that she felt she’d missed out on finding The One. Well how wrong can one be. As she spoke, Jeremy drove past future bridesmaid Maddy in his car who decided the two had to meet.  After a few text messages, they did just that, meeting for a blind date in the Bucks Arms in Blickling.  In Kathryn’s own words “we haven’t been apart since”!

Jeremy quickly realised that Kathryn was a natural farmer’s wife and wasted no time proposing. And so, during the months of planning their wedding, the couple also set about making great plans for their farm. As those plans unfold and take shape I have no doubt at all that they will be as wonderful as the wedding planning turned out.

On the day….

In true Farm Wedding style, Kathryn and Jeremy chose to have a marquee on one of their own fields. In fact they chose the same field that a few months earlier, I had shot their pre wedding shoot (blog post another time)! Their treasured herd of Hereford cattle had to be moved out for the event –  but with views including the Salle Church steeple where they had their wedding ceremony, that particular field was definitely the one for a wedding.

I’m sure, as you look at the pictures, you’ll agree that this was a truly special day. Kathryn spent her wedding eve and bridal preparations at the The Dial House, an exclusive and rather wonderful small hotel in Reepham. Meanwhile Jeremy and his merry band of groomsmen took over the pub, The Kings Arms, on the other side of the village square. With 6 bridesmaids to get ready as well as Kathryn herself, the morning sped fast and we finally had a bit of a rush to leave and make the short journey to Salle Church. Salle Church is possible the largest church in Norfolk, and is the local church for one of the smallest villages in Norfolk. Truly, the church is so vast you would be more inclined to view it as a mini Cathedral!

A short burst of wild weather flew Kathryn into the church and down the aisle –  but the smiles on both faces showed not a single bit of concern for what the weather may be doing outside.

Following the ceremony we all set off for the field where the celebrations began, and then we all sat down to Jeremy and Kathryn’s own beef. Around the marquee was an abundance of the couple’s hand made decorations and the tables were filled with their family and friends.

I felt so grateful to be asked to photograph this very special Farm Wedding, and wish Kathryn and Jeremy every happiness in their future together-  happiness that will be soon be doubled as they’ve announced the news that the first of many babies (I’m sure) will be joining them next year!

My thanks to Johanna Garlike of Summer Love Photography for 2nd shooting.

If you are planning your own marquee wedding, do get in touch. At the end of the pictures there’s a button to click to take you on to the next Sisterhood Stories blog post! Thank you for stopping by.


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