I’ve been off the blog for a while due to a long awaited camping holiday in Wales with family and close friends. Those of you who know me will know that I love my time away from it all in my Bell Tent. Camping is a form of luxury for us – for England, we go with heaters (plural) duck down duvets, kelims and top of the range Therm-A-Rest memory foam mattresses. For this holiday, I wanted to organise a Rock My Dress shoot for Maureen who was married not too long ago and hadn’t had the chance to wear her dress again. We picked an isolated cove, forgetting the 3 mile walk through fields of sheep, cows and a bull. And more importantly, forgetting what was almost an abseil down a cliff. And an abseil with wedding dress, ‘bridesmaids’, ukelele, camera equipment and filming equipment – as my eldest daughter wanted to make a short promo film for me. To make matters worse, having abseiled the cliff face, the heavens opened and my models were reduced to dressing in the relative shelter of a knee-high cave. The rain lashed the cameras – so quality is very reduced. But despite being wringing wet, and freezing cold, my models were brilliant fun and took it all in their stride! Maureen, Geri and Flora – thank you. And thank you too, the umbrella bearers, Simon and Graham, Ella for getting your new camera wet beyond your worst nightmares – and Sammy – for keeping all our spirits up and helping us to avoid cow poo and bulls. The photo shoot is in 3 parts. The isolated cove, a deserted field and a farmyard – so here, are the pics from the cove.

And yes, this is Maureen having climbed back up the cliff, in wedding dress, ready for Part 2!

Thank you visiting, I hope you return for Rock My Dress Pt 2.