When I first met Amy & Jamie, they were very clear that photography was of huge importance to them. They are both very family orientated people, so the opportunity to capture the people they most loved on this very special day of their lives, along with as many memorable moments as possible, was one they wanted to make the most of.

Most unusually, Amy was really content to take a back seat on a lot of the planning and arranging! Jamie told me he was really keen to do as much of the organisation as possible – he of course wanted to know what was particularly important to his bride, so her wishes could be included – but Amy’s wishes were very simple. She wanted to marry at the village Church where generations of her family had gathered for life’s significant moments, and she wanted her reception in a field next to the church, which had been farmed by her family, and where her beloved grandfather’s ashes had been scattered. And where Jamie had proposed and she had accepted!

For both of them, the day would hold special meaning by being centred around family and tradition, and being surrounded by family, friends and memories.

Apart from wishing the whole day to be captured, the couple made one simple request. They really wanted their First Kiss to be photographed from the front of the church, so that as many of their friends and family as possible would be included in the picture; again testament to their shared wish that their day would be made special by including the people who meant the most to them. I explained to them that this would only happen if we had a photographer friendly vicar – one who understood that to capture the important moments of the ceremony meant that the couple would be able to relive those important vows in the years ahead when memory starts to fade. They completely understood and said they would ask the vicar what would be possible. Well WOW! What a vicar! Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have absolutely ensured that Amy and Jamie will not only relive that moment over and over again, but that they will also be able to share it with their children and grand-children of the future.

I am sure you will all agree that this photo, one I have chosen to put on my website, is an extremely special one! For the photographers amongst you, you may also be interested to know that I chose to use a Fuji XPro1 for this shot, as I felt that it’s performance with focus and in low light situations would nail this shot – and it did!

But as it turned out, the whole wedding day provided many beautiful images – and I will put a lot of that down to the fact that the pair are so incredibly lovely – and that was clear not only from them and their obvious happiness, but from all their guests too. Originally, Jamie had planned to ask permission from the owner of a famous garden nearby, if we could have the couple shots there. However, he didn’t, because the week before he planned to ask, he heard that the owner’s wife had passed away – and he felt it would be very insensitive to ask to have his own wedding photos in their garden. They explained to me that the field where they were having the reception had some lovely views, and they would be happy to have them there. It speaks volumes for their consideration, that another local home owner with an exquisite, private garden, heard of this and offered his own garden to the couple for those precious wedding shots with just the bride and groom. And wow – well – you’ll see! Perfect, beautiful location. And in this world of ours where we live, a world which gets smaller every day, it somehow came as no surprise to me to discover that the owner of the garden, Mervyn Lambert, was someone I had known, and more particularly, was the uncle of a friend of mine – a friend who I spent many a Friday night at the local pubs with, 15 years ago. For the wedding was located only half a mile down the road from my first home in Norfolk!

To make the day even more special for me, Jamie and Amy then also hired my eldest daughter and her filming partner as their videographers.

My thanks to Liz Bishop for being a perfect 2nd photographer on the day – and for providing one of the best, but sadly unrepeatable, quotes from a photographer on the day itself!

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