Valentine’s Day made me, as well as all of you, think of love… and it turned my thoughts to that first love, the love your mother has for you, and the love you have for her. I know that my relationship with my own mother has it’s good days and it’s disastrous days! The latter tend to be when she forgets I’m no longer 5.

When I saw my first born, I had two immediate feelings. The first was that I knew her already, swiftly followed by a revelation that I could finally understand how my mother felt about me. That revelation is almost impossible to put into words – it’s an innate understanding, where giving birth to my own child drew some invisible curtains that had hidden that understanding from me up to that moment.

So I decided that what could be lovelier than having, for ever, a portrait of your own mother. In our photographic world, so many portraits of mothers are of young, yummy ones – and there’s nothing wrong with that at all! But I believe we all find our mothers beautiful; no matter what decade they’ve reached, they are beautiful. So I’m excited to announce that I’ve launched a whole new package. I will be announcing a special event connected with this package at the new Boutique Fusions, shortly to open in Norwich, but if you want to celebrate your mother’s beauty, do get in touch, and make sure you have that portrait of her to keep and to pass down to your own children. What more precious heirloom can you pass on, than the beauty of the person who first loved you?

I’m so pleased to introduce you to the first two mothers to have their portraits taken! I first met Dawn when she booked me to photograph a special birthday party last year. She’s an incredibly wonderful lady and I can’t believe how lucky I was to meet this tireless and joyful mother, who runs her parallel lives as business consultant and food blogger with energy I can only envy.

I met Wendy only a couple of weeks ago, in the Puppet Theatre in Norwich, where I’d gone to see another fabulous performance from her son, otherwise known as Clementine the Living Fashion Doll. (You MUST see this act if it ever comes to a venue near you). Wendy’s daughter was also there in the audience, and shortly after a very complimentary conversation about my photos, it was arranged that I take Wendy’s portrait. I only hope that when I reach Wendy’s age, I too will be as stylish, and possibly, also, a little regal as well!

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