A couple of weeks ago I had great fun meeting up with many of my fellow Click Collective friends when we joined Claudia Carter in her first organised photo shoot. The them was Narnia and Ice Queens – and it was certainly cold enough for us all to turn to ice, even though the sun shining through the leaves gave an impression of summer warmth and sunshine! Many other photographers I’ve come to know over the last year also came – so it was a fun and very sociable way to keep in touch whilst doing what we all love best. My daughter Flora, modelled again, and well done to all the models for braving the bitter cold in dresses which whilst extremely beautiful, were not made for English winters! I also had great fun meeting up with the lovely Catherine Connor from Aspire – and we were able to have some short discussions which have now led to an exciting new project for January! Watch this space!

The models prepare.

Following the shoot, all 40 photographers, together with models still in full make up, made our way from Battersea Park to Sloane Square and then down the Kings Road til we reached the pub where we sank down gratefully for hot drinks and prepared for some talks from Julia West, Catherine Connor, Melissa Love and Gary Lashmar. You were all completely inspiring guys!

Flora and I left Norwich really, really early (6.30am train -I don’t do that for just anyone you know), and made our way to the hotel where the make up artists were doing amazing things to transform the models. We had a slight hiccough when leaving the room to get in the taxi as there was a real life bride in the lobby – and needless to say, I and all 4 models leapt into her taxi. It was only through Claudia’s intervention that we were prevented from going off to be married to some poor perplexed groom whilst his bride was saved from the taxi which would have taken her to model in Battersea Park.

Where’s my taxi?

 I was so excited to meet my lovely friends at the park that I completely forgot to photograph the first model!! Instead I managed to capture an awful lot of pics of my fellow photographers….

This cute little man was on his first walk.

Flora wearing original Edwardian

Huge thanks to models: Lexie Lambert, Hayley Buckingham, Helena Willcocks, Natasha Rozhdestvensky &  Flora Marshall – Dutton.
Make Up by Julia Plant 
Costumes from Luella’s Boudoir