The variety of my weeks never ceases to amaze me. I went to London, with my daughter, Flora. And threw into my bag a compact camera. Well, it’s not any old compact, its my beloved Fuji X100. So, Friday saw us at the SWPP trade show. Friday night saw us staying with very dear and old friends who also happen to be Flora’s godparents. It kind of made me feel slightly wobbly though, when her godmother mentioned the wedding of a nephew – a nephew now 27, who I haven’t seen since he was 4 – meaning that he’s stayed in my mind as a 4 year old and therefore shocked me to the core to learn that he was now married. On Saturday, Flora and I went, at her request, to the Natural History Museum, and had to queue for a long time, to see the famed dinosaurs. And there, the bones really reminded me of the passing of time – how I was shocked to discover a 4 year old was now nearly 30 and married – to be reminded how dinosaurs, who ruled the earth for many many more years than humans have, are long gone.

The museum must have put a similar depressing feel on both of us, because we left soon after, stopping briefly at the V & A to have a look at the costumes before heading  via the Underground to Chinatown, where we found an excellent small restaurant, The Manchurian. We had an excellent meal there and I recommend it to anyone who ends up hungry in that area of London.  We walked off our lunch via Covent Garden and the Strand, before heading home.

I’d been home only a few hours (it seemed), when off I went again to Mundesley, on the North Norfolk coast, with client The Mercerie. We’d both been invited by another former client to have our colours analysed. The promise of knowing that I’d find out what colours suited me, which would inevitable mean an excuse to buy some new clothes, sent us off in great excitement. We had a wonderful day, courtesy of the very lovely Sarah Morgan – and I am a winter person.

The following day, a Tuesday, is the day I usually call my ‘weekend’ as I tend to work on Saturdays and Sundays. So, with my head buzzing with colour, I went to my usual Knit and Natter at Norfolk Yarns. I’ve been going there for a few years now, and I always feel warm with pleasure that women of different ages and backgrounds come together to chat and share, whilst embracing the centuries old skill of creating textiles and clothes with, essentially, two thin pieces of wood.

My week, though, had started with some amazing news – an offer to become the in-house photographer for a brand new department store opening in Norwich. With the brilliant partnerships the new store has already put in place, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse – so tomorrow will see the first of many shoots. And meanwhile, today, I’m off to meet with another talented lady, from Summer Love Photography, as we put together the first of a brand new series of workshops!

Enjoy your week too, wherever you are – I hope it is as exciting as mine x

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Why does Norfolk Yarns ALWAYS give me the same mug every week?!