This is a very short and hopefully sweet post as by the time you are on your way around The Sisterhood circle I will be enjoying the warmth and colour of Istanbul! 

It’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks since the last Sisterhood post – I have a huge exciting plan under wraps and yesterday was overcome when a business heroine of mine gave an overwhelming “YES” to a request I sent to her! And then, there’s a 2nd huge exciting plan! Meetings to do with both of them take place on the first two days I get home! I’m sorry to have to keep my secrets secret at the moment! But the minute I can release details I will!

In the meantime I am packing and charging camera batteries and next time hope to have some beautiful shots of a city which is very new to me to show you all!

This week I’m leaving you with three little pics of my favourite little girl model. I was trying to get some shots of the skirt for a magazine sewing tutorial – and she was not enjoying modelling that day! In the end we compromised… as long as I showed only her back, or from waist down from front, that would be ok!

Don’t forget! Isabelle is next in the circle – do click on her name to take you to her lovely blog. And take care! Look after yourself x

small addition to the blog post – as the pattern for the skirt is now available free from The Mercerie.