I’ve always wanted to photograph a Hockering House wedding, so you can imagine my delight when I was booked for early Summer.

Chris and Rose had met in Antarctica. As far away as you can possibly imagine from their eventual Hockering House wedding! As part of the British Antarctic Survey Team, they’d gone to live at the British base there for a year, as part of a small team. It was evident from the start that Chris is the explorer type, so going there suited his adventurous, outdoor loving personality. It was not Rose’s first expedition; as a doctor she had been on a number of small teams, exploring different parts of the globe. However, Antarctica would be her first cold weather expedition!

Their UK based pre expedition meeting ignited the flames of love. Then, far from freezing over, the extreme cold of Antarctica only served to fan those flames into a roaring fire! When their time in the frozen South Pole ended, the two returned to England engaged and ready to view venues in Rose’s home county of Norfolk. They chose a Hockering House wedding. The venue is a small and perfect manor house in beautiful grounds including gardens, woodland and a glamping site. The couple knew their friends would be able to relax and enjoy helping them to celebrate their big day before camping over for the evening.

The day was perfect. Not even a sudden burst of rain forcing the wedding off the lawn and into the marquee could spoil a thing. The rest of the Antarctica team turned up in force and the groom played the keyboard as his bride glided up the aisle. The styling and flowers by Constance Rose were an absolute treat. Beautiful, imaginative, natural, wild, colourful. Simply stunning. Enjoy scrolling through the pictures and do get in touch if you’re having a Hockering House wedding; I would be delighted to photograph it. Alternatively, if you’re planning a wedding in either the Arctic or Antarctic areas, I’ll photograph your wedding in return for the travel and accommodation (tents welcome).

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Hockering House Wedding Photography

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