OK – it’s not very fashionable for a female photographer to admit to liking a golfing photo shoot – but I love it. First there’s the satisfaction in walking, a lot, and being outdoors in often stunning locations. (And if it’s a city based golf club, the nosiness factor of looking into lots of back gardens of usually big and lovely houses). Then there are the laughs. Even a very practiced golfer will end up in a very unusual position at some point during their game! There’s the total freedom in NEVER having to ask a subject to hold a pose – this is total reportage photography – and from start to finish all I’m doing is recording someone’s passionate interest in achieving their target – whether that’s to win the round or better their own handicap. So all in all, I’m one very happy and contented person when I get invited to photograph a game of golf. A couple of months ago I was invited to photograph a couple of members of Eaton Golf Club doing their thing – and it was an absolute pleasure! (mostly to see that even seasoned golfers can occasionally produce a shot similar to one of my regular ones……….).

There was also a classic moment when a pair of very young men wanted to ‘play through’ – so my wonderful hosts asked them what their handicap was – as in a polite way of saying, “we think you might hold US up” – and when the answer came back “4” – the deafening silence was worthy of being recorded, along with the very polite “yes, go ahead, do play through” once recovery of speech had been gained!

So whether you’re just wanting  a record of something you love to do, or your golf club is being redecorated and new wall art is on the cards, or whether you want a photographic souvenir of a special golf day, do call – because for me, the combination of photography and golf is a truly guilty pleasure!

Mark and Gavin, thank you for inviting me along!