I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote in here!! Sadly I haven’t been on some amazing extended Summer holiday – it’s been all work. A lot of that work has been writing, with articles in several editions of Photography Monthly and Professional Photographer, as well as Turning Pro. I had great fun interviewing Kate Hopewell-Smith and Emily Hancock – both fab photographers in very different areas. I’ve also had stacks of wonderful photography opportunities, and so will be trying hard to catch up with the great backload of gorgeous photographs from weddings, lifestyle and some incredibly wonderful business shoots! For a long time I never really thought about commercial photography – but having met up with some amazing and creative artisan business owners, I’ve been able to diversify in a very satisfying direction!

However, those are all to come. For today, meet this utterly gorgeous family. Megan and Darren had just got married and kindly came along to pose with their two youngest, Rory and Farrah for a family shoot. We were blessed with amazing weather – and despite a very long afternoon, the two little ones were stars and natural models. I’m sure you’ll agree that the photos of them all are stunning.