Thank you for coming back to FILF! The last couple of nights have been really cold and I’m starting to think about lighting the fire again. Over the year we collect wood so by now it seems like we have tons – but it goes very quickly – I like winter – apart from the fact that it goes on too long! And this year it doesn’t seem as though we had four seasons  – there were barely any days where we could say “that’s it! Summer is here”! And all of a sudden the lined boots are out, no more painting toe nails because your feet are exposed from morning to night and I’m starting to cook casseroles with dumplings rather than cold meats and salads.  So this week, with winter in mind, these are the things I’m falling in love with!

  1. Wellies!
  2. Yarn in my branding colours! Bramble
  3. And a pattern to use the yarn in!
  4. A story to get lost in
  5. A film to get swept away by
  6. Chocolate classic for those who can’t wait until Easter
  7. Hagelslag breakfast with a friend!