Having seen the lasting pleasure couples have when seeing their wedding in print, I’m giving a very special Black Friday Wedding Album offer!

There is something uniquely special about a professionally printed and bound wedding album. It may be fun seeing your photos on a digital slide show. It’s lovely to see a few printed out as thank you cards, or framed in your home. It’s exciting to have something one presented as a large canvas or acrylic. But imagine this. Many years from now, imagine sitting down with your grandchildren and cuddling up together on the sofa as you show them the day you both got married.

As you turn the pages, your day will return. Those exciting pre wedding preparations, re living the fun you had with bridesmaids and groomsmen as you fought off the nerves. Walking up the aisle, seeing each other for the first time as bride and groom and then taking those vows. As the pages of your wedding album keep turning, you remember the walk back down the aisle. The nerves are gone, just huge smiles. Page after page shows those never to be repeated moments. The confetti, your guests and their expressions during the speeches. Your first pictures together as a married couple lead on into your First Dance together. All those details you planned for months –  they’re all in the wedding album.

You remember that it seemed you had ages to plan and wait for your big day. Then suddenly it arrived, and even more suddenly it was over. Maybe you’ve also stored all those wedding cards in the box with your wedding album, and there they are again as you lift the album back. You pick them up and re read the warm wishes your friends and family gave you.  Finally you put it all back, and turn round to look at those grandchildren. Their eyes are shining. “Granny, Grandad –  you were so beautiful”! they say.

I’m really happy to offer a 20% discount on the retail price of a ‘Black Friday Wedding Album’! All you have to do is contact me between Friday 24th and Wednesday 30th November 2016 to book it. The design and delivery is included in all prices, and if you choose your pictures by Thursday 1st December you will have your album in time for Christmas. For couples who have booked me to photograph their wedding in 2017, you needn’t miss out as I will also provide vouchers at this special rate for you to use after your own wedding.

Finally, the album pictured below, was bought as a surprise wedding gift by the bride’s parents. What an amazing gift! It was also a complete surprise which we all managed to keep quite for what seemed like a very long time!

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Black Friday Wedding Album offer