When I first met Alice, Joel and their beautiful little girl, I knew that they would stunning in all their photographs. It was very important to the couple that the setting for their engagement shoot meant something to them, and that it would provide an opportunity for a wonderful day out. After considering several options, we then had to be flexible with the date, as the English weather during January and February can be extremely variable to say the least!

The location Alice and Joel chose was wonderful. Belonging to an old friend, a private, hidden away garden in Bridgham, Norfolk, had been lovingly designed to offer many small outdoor sanctuaries. Visitors would be able to enjoy the stunning surroundings, which had been created to completely reflect aspects of Norfolk that make the county so special. Water, trees, boats, garden houses, small riverside shelters and stone and wood sculptures featured throughout.

As though to highlight how special the garden was, we had a huge display of sun throughout our time there!

Sculptor and film-maker owner of Whitegate Sculpture Park, and the Bridgham Centre for World Peace, can be found by clicking on both those links.

After a truly lovely morning, I was thrilled to hear from Alice…. “thank you again, I am over the moon with the photos and making the right choice of photographer”!  Well, thank you all for being amazing clients! I am so looking forward to your wedding!

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