Yesterday I met up with several of my fellow wedding photographers at Sprowston Manor, for The Digital Imaging Show, a small trade fair hosted by SWPP. I parked my car and was able to take a short cut through a small enclosed garden, remembering that the last time I had been there was to help Patrick Watson with a wedding.

Sprowston, a Marriott hotel, is actually my nearest venue when I decide its time to practice my golf swing and I head over there with my daughter and partner, a mere 5 minutes away from my home, to use their driving range! I normally arrive just before closing time, completely inappropriately dressed, buy their largest bucket of golf balls and then head for the cubicle furthest away from public view. Very occasionally I manage a shot I’m proud of – but normally I stand in awe at said daughter and partner’s far superior swings! So for me, to photograph a wedding here, was a different experience to the one I’m used to!

I don’t often second shoot at weddings any more; although the opportunity to second shoot is great for those starting out, to gain experience, confidence and of course, to build a portfolio of images, I’ve had one experience which ever since, has made me hesitate. However, I will still second shoot for friends, and for those whose work I admire and who I want to learn from. So a couple of months ago, there I was at Sprowston Manor, capturing some images at the wedding of Hannah and Tom.

The lovely couple had had to arrange a photographer at the last minute, as sadly, their booked one had serious medical problems and couldn’t attend as planned. But that last minute hitch to their plans didn’t show; they were relaxed, calm and were clearly going to enjoy every minute of their day. The speeches were full of genuine affection and loving humour and it was clear that Hannah and Tom share a close family and friends network – one which will continue to be around them as they embark on their new journey!

I had a great day, ate a fab meal and met some lovely people. Thank you Patrick!

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