Today is the official start of a new season as the Spring equinox in the northern hemisphere dictates that our days get longer and our nights get shorter. In just over a week, it will be Easter – a holiday which I always associate with gentle sunshine, the start of warmth and daffodils, tulips and crocuses poling their colourful heads out of the soil.

Sadly, it is currently only just above freezing; snow and sleet are still with us and threatening to be joined by more, in the UK on the eastern coast, stretching all the way from East Anglia to Scotland. I’ve begun to shoot the Summer collections for my clients – a difficult job when your models are in shorts and there is too much snow on the ground to hide! My partner has gone to the very north of Scotland to build pontoons on the Lochs. He has to take an inflatable boat ride to the middle of various lochs in driving sleet and either repair or build from scratch a wooden surface for ducks and other birds to be able to walk on.

So I consider myself very lucky that I’ve had an incredible week with clients and friends. I’ve been photographing fashion shows, styled commercial shoots and getting together with other photographers to practice different lighting skills. New clients are being booked in for lifestyle shoots and weddings, and orders are coming in for some very beautiful framed products. My new passport has arrived which reminds me that in a month I will be once again photographing a city abroad – this time a city new to me! Along with all of this, I am being involved in a new, ultra exciting project – which I can’t breathe a word of yet – but it will involve a little trip to one of my favourite UK south coast spots! A town I haven’t visited for over 20 years.

In the meantime I am trying to finish several wool projects….  and it’s pictures of wool I’m going to leave you with, as for me at least it conjures up some feeling of warmth which is badly needed right now! Do let me know whether you’re cold, or hot x

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