It was Mother’s Day here in the UK on Sunday. I had planned to drive to the Lake District for a long awaited couple of days at Aspire, but circumstances dictated otherwise. So instead, my children – the ones at home, and my mother insisted I come out for lunch. To be honest I wasn’t really feeling up to it – but they were so keen. I extracted a promise from them that afterwards they would let me take some photographs…. Which they reluctantly agreed to… So, there we were, sitting in our favourite Chinese restaurant, Baby Buddha, when all of a sudden, my eldest daughter Ella walked in! She had bought a ticket home as a surprise a few weeks ago, not knowing I was supposed to be going away. When at the very last minute I knew I was staying, she was able to use her ticket and arrive for the day, breaking a very hectic work period for her. I was so proud looking round the table at my now very grown up children. To have them altogether, with my parents is such a treat for me. Mother’s Day perfected! AND I did get to take some photographs!

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