One thing I really didn’t like in my previous job as a teacher, was that so much of what I had to do never changed. Lesson planning, yearly planning, teaching to criteria, teaching the same subjects at the same levels. I always knew that every Monday at 9.00am I would have been at work for an hour, catching up on paperwork and admin, and about to step in front of students.

So one of the things that makes me very happy following my role now as a full time professional photographer, is that every day is different. When I woke up this morning I didn’t know that by lunch time I would have photographed a crashed car for an insurance report, or agreed to shoot a 60th birthday party in a couple of days. I do know that tomorrow I will be travelling to Birmingham to catch the final leg of Folio Albums Freedom Tour, and meeting up again with my really dear friend Catherine, of Aspire Photography Training. I also know that come the weekend, lovely photographers from across the country will be tagging me on Facebook with pictures their gorgeous pictures they’ve taken of my daughter Flora, who will model once more in the styled shoots arranged for the tour. But many of those photographers will be new friends to me – so I’m wondering what news and delights these new friends to be will share over the next few months.

I also know what will be happening next week- an adventure that’s very very different for me… and I can’t wait to see the events unfold, because what happens in the detail is totally unknown…It’s something truly new and exciting that has been created by three companies, who until a couple of months ago, were complete strangers to each other.  But that’s for next week!!

I started my working week very early, 5.00am, by driving to Manchester for the first leg of the Folio tour which was held in the very pretty village of Lymm at The Green Dragon, and its some pictures from Monday, that I’m going to share with you today.