How many times do you look at the “about me” picture of someone on their business website, or look at the brochure or reception wall of a large company, and sigh when you attempt to identify who you are meeting? So often I feel that the pictures are anonymous – they give nothing away about the person – and surely, that’s a mistake? When we’re spending our money and time with a business person, we want to know that we’re spending that with someone we trust, and hopefully someone we like – someone who’s picture reveals that they are human, and that they too would invest in the same product you are considering.

So when it next comes to calling the photographer in, stop and think-  do you really want the almost automatic shot, plain background, flash light in umbrella studio type shot – or do you want something that humanises your business? Do you want to show that in a world of conformity, your product or your service stands out?

Sarah Morgan, an image, style and colour consultant for women across East Anglia, definitely wanted customers to see her as part of her brand, and was thrilled with her beautiful pictures which will be used across her website and marketing updates. And how reassuring for customers when they meet her, to see that she is as lovely in real life as she is in her business portraits!

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