So, just before I went to Venice, I received an exciting delivery – a new Montgomery backpack designed and made by Acme Made, the fashionable US camera bag specialists! It’s the perfect size and shape for a city day sack – and I could easily fit in my Canon 5D mkii with attached lensbaby – and my 35mm. In addition, the bag carried my umbrella (Venice was having some spectacular rain and flooding the weekend I was there), my purse and my passport. – And there was still lots of room left over!! Additional benefits were, that despite the fact my shoulders generally start crying these days with any camera weight on them, this bag was extremely comfortable and I was able to manage all three days (long days) walking around Venice without any noticeable discomfort. And, it comes in two lovely colours – I had the grey one – which to be honest I think is more silver than grey – and silver is very definitely MY colour. It would very definitely be my ‘city bag’ of choice when taking a camera out!

Kate Hopewell-Smith has also blogged the same bag and her photos will give you a great idea of everything that fitted inside – So rather than repeat the exercise, I’ve begged some photos from Sara Hazeldine which will show you the bag in action, around Venice – and if you look carefully, you’ll also spot Catherine Connor who had the same bag in the alternative available colour!!! Thank you Sara!! xx