The Summer holiday season is not only one of the busiest times of year for a photographer running their own business, but it’s also that time of year when you are most likely to have children running around! Although mine are all big and very grown up, they still live at home – and I began to feel that yearning to do a traditional Summer Holiday activity with them… SO they all looked a bit aghast when I suggested a trip to the zoo.

“We’re not 5 you know”, my almost 18yr old son Henry remarked. “I don’t want to go to the zoo”!

“I love the zoo”! said his girlfriend, Katy, “I’d love to come”!

So, last Wednesday, we set off in two cars; myself, three of my children (one had his job to use as an excuse not to come), my partner Simon, my friend Sara, of Sara Hazeldine Photography, and her daughter Niamh. And at Colchester Zoo we had already arranged to meet our mutual friend Jane Packard, a talented photographer from Dublin, who happened to be staying a short distance away from the zoo with her family.

Well, it was a blast from the past, with some differences. I’m sure the last time I went to a zoo, it was London, and the twins were in a double buggy and George and Flora were running free reign alongside. This time, the minute we were through the gates, Henry and Katy disappeared one way, whilst Flora and Ella made a dash for it in another direction. They each had a packed lunch and I fully expected not to see any of them again until home time. But no, they had a magic magnet which drew them to me (and more appropriately, my purse) each time they got hot and needed an ice-cream/a fizzy drink… so some things never change!

Never the less, it was a grand day out and despite the fact I have three weddings still to edit, and the phone rang several times during the day (one client deciding to get married in Cyprus, one wedding planner trying to find out my availability for next August and a last minute wedding enquiry for a couple of weeks later), I am so glad I took time out to be a Summer holiday parent again.

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(All photos, Canon 5Dmkii with 135mm L f2 – mostly through glass, through water and far away)!