Welcome back to what’s already promising to be a wonderful New Year! I’ve had a wonderful long break from work and will make no apologies for making this and the next post, personal ones! My daughter Flora and I made our escape in mid December, as guests of my good friend Kerry and her husband, who live in Kuala Lumpur. After a few days staying at their wonderful home, and being treated to all kinds of imaginable delights, they whisked us away with them, their family and another group of friends, to a paradise villa on ‘Lucky’ Beach in Thailand. So named, as because of the coral reef just offshore, the Tsunami of 10 years ago, was naturally diverted and the beach remained untouched by the disaster.

The photographs take you to Christmas Eve – and my next post will be the days after. This is a Sisterhood post, so do click on the badge to the right to take you to Isabelle, the next in the circle x

The delightful Toffee! Evenings were spent perfecting Pool

The balcony leading off the bar at Cantaloupe

The breathtaking walkway between Cantaloupe and Fuego

We girls know how to live it up!

Eeek! Sheer drop to inviting swimming pool!

Our appetiser and amuse-bouche…

Flora and Kerry marvel at KL’s Twin Towers from our dining table balcony at Cantaloupe

The view from our table, and bottom right, a slightly different angle from our cocktail table at Fuego

Our rooms at Kerry’s home were so beautiful….

At Chynna, we were treated to seeing the dim sums being made and the traditional tea ceremony.

The gigantic real gingerbread house in The Hilton foyer! Imo and Olly enjoy chocolate and the view from the top floor balcony.

We’ve arrived in Thailand!

The most perfect, empty tropical beach brings out energy! Olly goes for it!

Hooked on Thai Iced Tea, Flora asked the kitchen staff to give her a lesson!

Water fun for Imo

Flora waits in trepidation for her first Thai massage…..

More Iced Tea…..


Paradise 2

Loved that the orchids were grafted onto trees all around the villa

Elephant trekking….

Kerry turns the driveway into an impromptu tennis court…

Not sure where she got the energy to play against the irrepressible Nicolas!

Texas Hold ‘Em….. Gooch had a run of spectacular luck…

The table is set for dinner on Christmas Eve

But time for water volley ball before eating.

And dinner is prepared…..

The villa staff spent all day making these beautiful flower headdresses for the ladies to wear.

Christmas presents and Christmas games!

A true fairy book Christmas Eve night.